Passionate Vision

by Michael Karns

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released July 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Michael Karns

Michael Karns is a songwriter, poet, and full-time musician living in North Texas.

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Track Name: I Dream About You
Trying to find
that thought inside
that connects me with you
praying to find
the light that shines
and illuminates what we do
stumbling around
in semi-dark
hoping someday that I'll see
another signpost
on this journey
to what I believe

When I dream about love
When I dream about beauty
When i dream about truth
I dream about you.
Track Name: It's A Good Day
It's a good day to pet the cat
She knows I haven't done enough of that
Coffee is made and my lap is a welcome mat
It's a good day to pet the cat

It's a good day to sniff the air
all those aromas breezing in from the fair
hummingbirds and lilies au pair
It's a good day to sniff the air

Be boppa doopa Be boppa doopa doo ay
Be boppa doopa Be boppa doopa dooee
Jumping over cracks and strumming on a fence
Eating apples and, running from a bee
drawing cartoons, or staring at the moon

It's a good day to go for a walk
Leave the phone at home and just not talk
Wave at the farmer over his corn stalks
It's a good day, to go for a walk.

It's a good day to sing with my heart
All my favorite songs, and all of the parts
people smile and nod in the aisles at the mart
It's a good day, to sing with my heart.
Track Name: Suspicion
I enjoy your love,
your torrid kiss,
it’s moments of
unconcern and bliss
that will stay forever
in my memories…
moments when we were together…

I enjoy your smile, all about you,
and yet there’s nothing that I can do
and that would be stronger
than my wish this bliss
could last at least a bit longer…

This suspicion’s on my mind,
I can’t leave it behind,
I know the day will come
and you will be gone…

This suspicion…oh, it’s destroying me,
I don’t know what will be…
when the day will come…
and you will be gone… forever…

I enjoy your trust, and your wild kiss,
I wonder why it can’t stay like this,
that we are together
not in memories,
but for real, yeah… and forever…