Land 'O Plenty

by Michael Karns

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released December 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Michael Karns

Michael Karns is a songwriter, poet, and full-time musician living in North Texas.

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Track Name: Land 'O Plenty
I took a ride today I was singing some verses
There really wasn’t much to say
Just free associations
The further I rode the stranger was my journey
Until I came to realize that I had lost my senses

There at the corner a man held up a sign
All it said was please help and he looked like he was cryin
About that time the traffic light changed
And a full dozen luxury cars surged from every lane.

Livin in the land ‘o plenty with everything to gain
Livin in the land ‘o plenty where you can lose it all
Ain’t it a shame


I took a ride today I was chanting a mantra
Laughing at misfortune and banishing my worries
And when I saw the man with a sign
There but for thee go I was my reply

Track Name: The Great Unknown
His feet were movin fast
walking through heavy grass
trying to make it back
to the streets of Bellaire
Back pack heavy with
dreams and wishes
out on the road of dispair

So far he's seeing
things just as they are
Oh it's a brave soul
who gives service
in the great unknown

That's when he met Jane
standing by her car
in sheets of rain
she was leaving her dead end job
when the tire had blown
Christmas presents on the seat
and her hair pulled up so very neat
He said I can help, and she said o.k.
He finished up said my name is Ren
she thanked him and said
come sit in
at least until this storm lightens up
they would talk for another hour
about how life can be so sour

The more they said
the more their hearts merged
and soon the rain was gone
from the evening air
Then they became so very still
as the stars came out to shine on the hill
That's when they took the long way
into town
Track Name: Through This Night
While we wait I got the word you were gone
Now isn't that odd it's like you once said
now I'm here and you're away
So I'll take my place with the others
Mothers and Fathers Sisters and Brothers
Daughters and Sons

Instr. Bridge

Those not gone why must we stay
and we will wonder these things for a while
and reflect upon the memories
a good while longer while we wait
like you did when you said goodbye
when you said goodbye
It was not unexpectedly you peered at the edge
of death before now and we asked repeatedly
While some times
We know
It hurts
Through the night
Track Name: In A Pig's Eye
I, I, I, found myself in a love sick wallow
you, oo, oo, took the easy way and closed the collar
I, I, I, took it on the chin and ran for cover
you, oo, oo, had me all penned up and all smoothed over

It was so easy with the farmer's daughter
but now the butcher's wife is looking at me
once again I'm headed for the slaughter
gotta fly, gotta fly in a pig's eye.

So, O, O, you say you got a brand new lover
Ah, Ah, Ah, I'm poring round your silver kitchen
Oh, O, O.,, the flames in the pit are rising higher
Now, ow, ow, the fat will soon be in the fire.

Track Name: Movin Out
Warm sun in a fun run
shoes tight and shirts bright
a nervous crowd
a shot fired
a mass moving
and legs churning
we're moving out
moving out
we're moving out

Hands down you won the race
the trophy is all yours
I couldn't even see your face
You were there at my arm
eyes full of your charm
stride reaching out
then you were gone

Instr. Bridge

Moist heat in a dead heat
I reached down came up short
muscles aching and lungs collapsing
I felt your body evaporate
Moving out
You're moving out
Moving out
You're moving out

Track Name: Life Sentence
I had a daughter, had a house
had a wife times three
that was before my life of crime
that was before my prison release

Renton said he would call
said he'd give me the all clear
but that was twenty days ago
and several cases of beer

He knew the exact location
of where the goods would be
he said he'd send me on vacation
if I helped him to get free

I didn't learn much in school
but one thing I did recall
standing water is a good conductor
when the rain begins to fall

When he reached for the silver bag of coins
I had already placed the wire
one hundred volts can kill a man
two hundred and you got the job done

I thought I thought of everything
all tied up like knotted string
but how could I know this tiny matter
my prison confidante had married my daughter

Mirror mirror on my phone
never leaving me alone
a shattered prism of what used to be
the people I knew the life I now lead

Winter wind is on my face
an old man can't win this race
prison sentence is now over
and forever I will look
over my shoulder.
Track Name: Triangles
One triangle can help you build a bridge
and that's a natural fact
Two triangles form a square
and make it look just right
Three triangles form a pyramid
from the times of old
But when it comes to you and me baby
triangles leave me cold

Oh I got a straight into your heart
A straight line mama right from the start
Yeah I got a straight into your heart
A straight line mama right from the start

Triangles in a symphony makes a beautiful sound
and triangles in modern art can make a house a home
Triangle as a wedge will hold a trailer on a hill
But don't give me no triangles when I got you by yourself


Track Name: Texting U (A Merry Christmas)
Thanksgiving day
the bustles were hustling chuffleing
You hurried away
into oceans of 1/2 off cold shouldering
I thought you would emerge
but the parking crowd circled me
Closing in
We were separate two hours
one hundred and twenty long minutes
I read an E-book
felt my life passing
That’s when a thought came to me
In an instant my fingers were flying

Texting U a merry Christmas
Texting U a merry Christmas

Santa was ringing
his Salvation Army ringer
The mob rushing in
pushed aside his elfin singer
A family standing there
eating their turkey dinner
Then the woman shouts proud
Holding up the latest game gizmo
There was only one
now it's in my possession

Track Name: Standing In The Light (bonus track)
It's the first of 2014 rising in the Southern sky
and every hour has it's special sheen
softly and slowly the grandness advances
coaxed by Southern breezes
ground level earthiness a rinse of the senses

Standing in the light
far away from olden sorrows
standing in the light
with another year that's over
standing in the light
ready to move ahead
make the hard times work
make the good times sing with laughter

A young man has his memes and old man his memories
And now I stand below under mid day solar rays
casting no shadow but with clearing sight
yes here I stand in the veritcal light